Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update: Is your website ready?

When is the new page experience algorithm update rolling out and what is it exactly? Google has announced that its latest algorithm – Page Experience Update – will roll out in May 2021 and will combine Core Web Vitals with their existing search engines signals including mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines. See the.

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The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing with Google making daily changes to their search algorithm and marketers around the world responding in kind. New trends and changes are being observed all the time, which affects how people search online. We all try to keep up as much as possible so we can keep our toolkits.

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Since the global pandemic of Covid-19, our behavior online has changed just as much as our behavior in real life. While we have been social distancing from one another, online we have been shopping, streaming and searching more than ever. At the beginning of May, the Irish government outlined the 5 different phases Ireland will.

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