Apple iOS 14 Update – What does this mean?

Apple has always had a mind of its own, if Google does this, Apple does that, such is the nature of competing at the top of the tech table for so long. However in 2021 it’s not a hardware battle between some of the biggest brands in the industry…it’s about data and Apple have Google.

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When you’re spending good money on ads, you need to know that what you’re doing is working and working well. You need to know that you’re running your ads in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Otherwise, you’re going to lose sleep! In this article we’re going to outline some ways in which you.

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Over the last few years Facebook’s advertising algorithm has improved vastly, becoming much better at automating campaign management. This comes from a series of changes, updates, best practices and newly introduced features. The Facebook Power 5 set of advertising tactics is the new framework, distilling all the best practices of social advertising while incorporating all.

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