Google Marketing Live 2024

By Keegan da Costa,

Google Marketing Live 2024 had a significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), showcasing how businesses can harness AI to enhance their marketing strategies. The event highlighted AI-driven tools for automating and optimising ad campaigns, making it easier for businesses to target the right audience with personalised content at the right time. This blog will serve as a way for me to collate my thoughts and “one’s to watch” in 2024 as we enter a new era of marketing.

Continuing with the AI driven approach, Google has revealed over 30 new product offerings coming to Marketers in 2024. This blog will touch on some of the upcoming innovations and how we as Core Optimisation can help you take that next step in the world of innovation.

Generative AI

This is probably the most exciting announcement to come from Google Marketing Live is that Generative AI will make its way fully into Google ads. AI initiatives were first introduced into the Marketing ecosystem early in 2016 where Google released “Smart Bidding” this was their first attempt at generative AI, and how it could be used to ensure both marketers and clients are getting the absolute maximum out of their marketing spend as smart bidding was always learning how to best accommodate the target audience.

To the right is a quick showcase into how Generative AI works, and how we can begin using it in our daily workflow. As with any AI tool or product, the more we use it, the better data we provide it the better it will perform in the long run.

Google’s next big stride in the world of Generative AI was introducing Performance Max to the masses. Many people were very weary of Pmax upon its release as it was our first major exposure to change. Fortunately for us, and for Google Performance it was a major success. Performance Max allowed us to essentially have a full funnel campaign that does not get cannibalised by other campaign types, but in fact gets enhanced by them, by running Pmax alongside Shopping and search campaigns Google was able to learn what made our consumers tick and more importantly how to provide the maximum amount of return on investment and on ad spend for its potential customers.

The impact of Pmax is undoubtedly the reason for Google’s continued investment into Generative AI. However, as amazing as Pmax and Smart bidding is, they share a very common trait, they require data. AI may be the future of marketing and the direction the world is going, but without sufficient data – AI cannot perform. This is perhaps the biggest lesson we as an industry need to learn, we hate change that may impact our goals. The risk of trying something new that may fail is probably the biggest stipend in Performance marketing in 2024, and understandably so. As marketers, we understand how competitive the industry can be, so we need to find alternative ways to effectively test data with our clients being on board so that we can take this new “not so scary” journey together.

Google Lens

Keeping up with Google’s innovations are not the only trend we need to keep up with. Perhaps the most difficult trend to stay on top of would be that of the consumer! Consumers are ever evolving and in today’s world, they want the highest brand safety to be matched with the highest level of convenience.

That is why Google has released “Google Lens” which allows consumers to circle a product that will show up in a corresponding search result.

Google lens is not necessarily new, it simply just took a while for it to take off. And now that consumers are adding Lens into what we call the “Daily Scroll” it makes it more important than ever to make sure the creative that we do have on our Pmax, or Demand Gen campaigns is beautiful and resonates with the consumer more than ever.

It does not stop there though, The ability to see a multitude of products with a simple swivel of the finger means that our Google Merchant center product shots need to be better than ever. Fortunately Google are releasing creative tools to make the process a lot simpler for those who are not already using product studio.

Brand Profiles

While generative AI may be at the forefront of this blog and at Google’s approach. There was more than just AI product offerings showcased at GML2024. Perhaps my most exciting release is that of brand profiles.

According to Google “More than 40% of Shopping queries on Search mention a brand or a retailer, This suggests that a key step in a shopper’s path to purchase involves learning more about your brand”. And in that process of either learning or converting, Googles new brand profile release will allow us to leave a more impactful and lasting impact on potential clients, this is an extraordinary innovation in a world filled with clutter, the brave bold and the brilliant will stand out.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the massive potential this will have for marketers who are focused on more than just their platforms, but instead are focused on the overall picture for their clients’ success. At Core Optimisation, we blend SEO/Social and Search to have a truly omni channel approach to the market and to our clients.  By having good organic ranking , alongside high search impression share, the brand profile has the potential to be ever present in a particular industry if done correctly, and being ever present with amazing imagery will only add to that brand recall I had previously mentioned.

Wrapping up GML 2024

  • In conclusion, GML 2024 showcased the immense potential of AI in marketing while also emphasising that human interaction remains crucial.
  • As we navigate this new era of marketing, the challenge will be to balance the power of AI with the human touch, ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the invaluable insights and creativity that marketers bring to the table.
  • At Core Optimisation, we are excited to help you take the next step in this journey, leveraging the latest innovations to drive success for your business.

About the author

Keegan is our Head of Performance. He has over a decade of experience in all things Digital. His journey began in the realm of SEO, where he honed his skills in optimising online visibility and driving organic growth. Transitioning seamlessly into Google Ads, he embraced the intricacies of paid advertising, leveraging data-driven strategies to maximise ROI and propel brands toward success. As the industry evolved, he expanded his expertise into programmatic and Meta advertising, mastering the art of automated, targeted campaigns to deliver personalised experiences at scale. Keegan's passion lies in staying at the forefront of innovation, crafting tailored solutions that resonate with audiences and drive impactful results in the ever-evolving digital sphere.