Red Cow Moran Hotel Case Study

By Caroline Dunlea,

The wonderful family-owned and managed Red Cow Moran Hotel is synonymous with Dublin became a Core client in June 2017. Convenient to all of Dublin’s main tourist attractions; the 4 star Red Cow Moran Hotel recently rebranded adding on a further 152 rooms bringing their overall total to 315 executive style bedrooms, 4 long-term apartments, 21 event spaces, a choice of bars and Tom’s Table and a state of the art fitness suite.



The Red Cow Hotel began its partnership with us in June 2017  to generate higher levels of occupancy and increase revenue through digital channels. When we asked Karen Moran, Sales and Marketing Director of The Red Hotel, she said:

“We’ve been working with Core Optimisation for a while now, and already we can see a significant increase in sales and  Brand recognition around the web. Caroline & David took the time to understand our business goals and presented a Personalised strategy.  They’re a responsive team that cares about the customer relationship as well as customer goals.”


With each of our clients, we begin by conducting an in-depth audit of current performance. Once we have analysed each of their digital channels accessible to their target audience we can then put together a personalised strategy that will focus on growth in both Domestic and International Markets. We also conduct a gap analysis alongside restructuring all paid search campaigns.

It became clear through our initial strategy session with The Red Cow Moran hotel that there was a need to increase direct bookings and reduce high-cost channels. You will see in the results that through a combination of digital
marketing initiatives and with close collaboration comes amazing results!



With The Red Cow Moran Hotel we put a lot of time and consideration into selecting the right methods for reaching out to potential new clients for the hotel. As part of the personalised strategy, we focused on increasing direct bookings using combination of digital marketing initiatives such as:


This involved audience segmentation which is the process of dividing people into subgroups based upon defined criterion such as media use, demographics and so on.


Remarketing Campaigns show ads to people who have previously visited your website and provide you with extra features specifically for reaching previous visitors.


We implemented Google audiences to allow us to target a more specific customer thus allowing us to increase bidding on the most relevant or likely to convert customer segments.


Using heatmap software alongside data analytics we could aid The Red Cow Moran Hotel in making changes to their website to increase conversion rates through improving the customer experience. We also identified some key areas where we could create new content or expand current page content to increase visibility and ensuring that we were showing the hotel to the right target demographic.


By revising the campaign structure, enabling the latest and most innovate of google tools, rolling out an audience strategy and having the right attribution model in place we saw our paid search campaigns deliver:


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About the author

Caroline is a co-founder and director of Core Optimisation where we work with our clients to deliver digital growth through a combination of Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimisation Strategies. She has a passion and energy for delivering a high level of customer service with a strong focus on results and increasing direct online revenue for our customers.