Wren Urban Nest Case Study

By David Brett,

The Wren Urban Nests objective for 2023 was to increase Google Ads revenue by €22,168.25 or 15%. With this increase in growth, we worked as closely as possible with the brand with an increased budget across all our campaigns to implement the relevant changes needed to reach this target.

In order to achieve this we aimed to maintain 10% limit of Cost Efficiency Ratio (Cost/Revenue)*100 across our campaigns.

The Wren Urban Nest is Ireland’s first net carbon place to stay. A boutique pod offering 137 rooms in Dublin 2. With sustainability being at the forefront of their brand image.

Understanding this demographic, both those looking for sustainable places to stay, and those booking due to the central location, we were able to build custom audience segments based on these categories and lifestyles such as Trips to Dublin and Eco-Friendly Hotel audiences.

This ensured that we our ads reached the desired target audience at the correct stage of the funnel across numerous platforms.

With sustainable consumers on the rise, and the increase in prices across Dublin hotels, we were aware that our campaigns needed to be kept up to date and refreshed to strengthen The Wren brand and increase our customer base to achieve this growth target.

We targeted our audiences at each stage of the funnel through a range of campaign types – Search, Display, Demand Gen, Video etc. This allowed us to ensure we were reaching the audience at the correct stages of the funnel in the correct format.

Using both static and video content was key in engaging our audience, showcasing the brand and ultimately increasing brand awareness.

We leveraged optimised targeting within our campaigns to reach as high intent audience as possible as well as custom keyword audiences.

We had to be successful in a highly competitive market where costs were continuously rising as well as a change in consumer habits and the price conscious consumer. As well as competition from OTA’s such as booking.com etc who already have a high trustworthiness.

This pushed us to focus on strong brand awareness campaigns with Book Direct benefits and strong offerings.

On Google Ads we achieved a revenue total of €453,753.04 (vs. €147,788.30 in 2022) which is a 207% increase on 2022, exponentially exceeding the target of 15%.

This was done with a cost of €26,337.35, a 121% increase from the previous year.

Facing the challenging scenario of generating more Revenue in a competitive, price conscious market pushed us to embrace the new innovations available to expand brand awareness.

In addition to that, the refinement of audiences, strong messaging, and creatives, increased the amount of quality traffic landing to the website (+13% Conversion Rate on Search).

About the author

David Brett is Digital Marketing Consultant with over 12 years experience working in the digital industry. Co founder and director of Core Optimisation Ltd where we work with our clients to deliver digital growth through a combination of Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimisation Strategies.