Our New Normal

With schools moved to online teaching, estate agents doing virtual show around, brick and mortar shops closed for the most part and 90% of our time being spent indoors, our access to the internet and our online world has never been so important to us.  As social distancing helps us to feel safe in such.

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Managing your online presence during the Covid-19 crisis

We all now have seen that the global Covid-19 pandemic is having wide reaching effects for not only people’s health but also the economy. As a result Google have made a few changes to Google my business as let’s face it, nothing right now can be considered business as usual. While right now business is.

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How Much Are The Main Political Parties Spending On Facebook Advertising Ahead Of GE2020?

Digital Marketing over the last number of years has become one of the most important channels when it comes to getting your brand, business and beliefs online. Therefore it should come as no surprise that ahead of GE2020 that the main political parties in Ireland are spending more money on their digital advertising than ever.

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