Carraig Donn Case Study

By David Brett,

Core Optimisation & Carraig Donn – Dressed for success: Using tailor made segmentation to drive growth.

Carraig Donn’s primary objective for 2023 was to grow revenue to €1.7M. The secondary objective for their campaigns was to remain as profitable as possible.

With these two key objectives front of mind, we agreed to work towards growth with a defined ROAS of 19 while also ensuring we achieved a Cost Efficiency of 5% across the campaigns.

Understanding the existing demographic of our target audience was key.

We identified the cluster Women 30 –55 years old as the most relevant for Carraig Donn, and we were able to build custom audience segments based on search intent and lifestyle events such as Partywear, Bloggers, Dresses, etc.

Using these audience segments allowed us to ensure our ads reached the desired customer at the right time and across several Google inventory (Demand G, Display and P Max).

Going after such a competitive segment demanded us to adapt to the latest innovations to expand recognition and generate the brand awareness required to achieve our growth target at ROAS of 19.

In addition to utilising audience segmentation within our targeting, we also looked to segment our campaigns by specific categories and sub-categories as reflected on the Carraig Donn site i.e. Womenswear, Accessories, Homeware, Gifting etc.

This enabled us to align the specific segmented audience with the desired ad to ensure a seamless customer journey from our campaigns to the website. We built upon this approach by leveraging Search Signals in P. Max campaigns to target and acquire more potential consumers who had shared interests in the Carraig Donn products featured throughout our campaigns.

Incorporating both static and video content was key in our ability to engage our audience and build brand awareness.

We had to spend 16% less during an inflationary market period and even with that, we achieved an increase in Revenue.

That challenge pushed us to focus on better-tailored ads to increase conversion rate and generate more brand awareness with optimized targeting leveraging new tools in the platform such as new campaign type Demand Gen or Search Signals for Performance Max.

We achieved a Revenue figure of €2.3M, resulting in a +€351K revenue growth YoY, exceeding the target for 2023 (1.7M) by €600K.

The challenging scenario of generating more Revenue with less budget in the middle of an inflationary market pushed us to embrace the innovations available to expand brand awareness outstandingly.

The only way of achieving the objective was to increase the conversion rate increasing purchase-intent traffic.

Conversion Rate increase was achieved by segmenting the feed and campaign.

In addition to that, the refinement of audiences with new audience signals provoked more relevant users arriving to the site.

About the author

David Brett is Digital Marketing Consultant with over 12 years experience working in the digital industry. Co founder and director of Core Optimisation Ltd where we work with our clients to deliver digital growth through a combination of Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimisation Strategies.