Ireland’s First Managed Agency to get Google Store Visits for Client

By Caroline Dunlea,

Not sure about how to measure the impact of your online to your instore business! We understand your frustration!

With many customers moving online and the surge in mobile visitors to browse websites it would be remis of us not to consider the contribution that our online presence has in our offline stores and sales.

This has been a challenge for retailers for some time and Google have been making significant improvements on how to attribute revenue and visits from your online to your offline.

Some of google’s capabilities come in the form of local search, addition of location extensions in display ads, making click and collect an integral part of any retailers online offering today and of course Store Visits. Now what is great about store visits is that you can now measure someone that has clicked on your ad and has then proceeded to visit your physical store location.



Core Optimisation are the 1st Irish Agency to manage a client with Instore Visits and we are seriously excited about how this data can be used to influence, measure and develop the growth strategy for our clients going forward.


So, lets talk Store Visits and why do they matter?

It basically means we can now combine the data from the physical store with the data from online store in a way that informs and influences business decisions and budgets and business growth strategy.

And how is it recorded, well, once a user visits your physical store up to 30 days after clicking on one of your google ads they are recorded as a store visit.

Is it really that easy?

No, I’m afraid not, in order to qualify to be able to get in store visits you must meet the below google criteria:

  1. You must have multiple store locations
  2. You must have received 100,000 Clicks in a 30 day rolling period
  3. You must have received 800 Conversions in a 30 day rolling period
  4. You must have a Google My Business Account linked to your adwords account
  5. You must have each store location created in Google my business.

How can you benefit from Store Visits?

  1. It will help you understand which campaigns and devices bring you most foot traffic instore.
  2. It will influence your spend and your budgets for Paid search and give you greater clarity and transparency on your ROI (Return on Investment).
  3. It will give you key information about your customer’s user journey.

With mobile now been labelled “The anchor of the customer journey” by Kishore Kanakamedala, Google’s director of product management for online-to-offline solutions and stats such as 7 of 10 smartphone users who make a purchase instore take a relevant action on their phone prior to purchase, the connection between the online journey and offline journey has never been so important to measure.

The newest announcements made to Store Visits just this week include:

  1. The time lag report – Showing the time lag between an ad click and a store visit
  2. A demographic report – Users can add store visits as a column to existing demographic reports, e.g. age, location.
  3. New V’s Returning report – This will show how many store visits came from repeat visitors showing that you can gauge how your ads contribute to your incremental visits.

If you are unsure about your eligibility why not get in touch with us and we will help you – Contact Core

About the author

Caroline is a co-founder and director of Core Optimisation where we work with our clients to deliver digital growth through a combination of Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimisation Strategies. She has a passion and energy for delivering a high level of customer service with a strong focus on results and increasing direct online revenue for our customers.