The Park Hotel Case Study

By David Brett,

Core Optimisation & The Park Hotel – A bespoke approach on brand

The Park Hotel, Dungarvan’s key objective for 2023 was to grow revenue to €1M.

In order to achieve this, we aimed to maintain the cost efficiency ratio (Cost/Revenue)*100 below 4% across our campaigns.

The Park Hotel is a part of The Flynn Hotel Group. They promote always-on rates in addition to seasonal offers across multiple markets such as families, couples, and groups.

The main age group for them is 35-65+ years with 30% male and 60% female consumers booking rooms. We use a mix of website, in-market and custom audiences to achieve the objective.

We create a custom audience set for Summer break, winter break and more such sets using the search queries to target the relevant audience set.

We used a full funnel approach with a mix of conversion and brand awareness campaigns to achieve traffic with conversions. We focused on both branded as well as non-branded keywords to help us reach our revenue goal.

There was an occasion which the awareness campaigns were not converting as much as we expected.

  • To overcome this challenge, we incorporated display ads, demand gen and also focused on relevant keywords for the search awareness and excluded all the non-relevant keywords.
  • We also added in Performance Max for travel campaigns which helped us in improving the conversions number with a better CE.

We achieved a overall Revenue figure of €1.3M, resulting in +13% revenue growth YoY and exceeding target (1M) by 30%.

We had a challenge that with limited budget we had to achieve the target set by client, with no scope of any additional budget, even if during the peak months when the campaigns were performing well but we didn’t have any more budget to build on the momentum.

The only way of achieving the objective was to increase the conversion rate while maintaining a low CPC. The Conversion Rate increased by 44.21% and 29.94% lowered the CPC when compared YoY and this was achieved by segmenting keywords and audience which led more relevant users to the website with an intent of booking.

About the author

David Brett is Digital Marketing Consultant with over 12 years experience working in the digital industry. Co founder and director of Core Optimisation Ltd where we work with our clients to deliver digital growth through a combination of Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimisation Strategies.